Young Practitioners Group


The youth of today is believed to be the future leaders of the international dispute resolution community. As such, they need a strong foundation, critical awareness of the existing challenges, and a platform to be heard and represented from. Acknowledging the importance of youth empowerment, IICRA is going to establish a Young Practitioners Group (“YPG”).

As we firmly believe that through training and mentorship, we can mould the next generation of leading international arbitration and ADR experts. Through IICRA Young Practitioners Group (“YPG”) we will be able to better inform, connect and inspire young professionals with interests in dispute resolution.

This YPG Program is Open to those aged 40 and under and to those students as well who are interested in building their careers in this fast-growing and dynamic field. This YPG will provide a variety of opportunities for individuals to gain knowledge, develop their skills and understand IICRA Arbitral procedure and other dispute resolution services. Moreover this will also give young professionals the chance to discover the best practices, discuss topical issues and network with experienced practitioners.