Based on the leadership in the field of settling the disputes in accordance with Sharia Law, IICRA aims at spreading the culture of institutional arbitration and supporting the Islamic economy in all its sectors. IICRA has recently issued its periodic bulletin (ADR Islamic Economy - the first quarter of 2019). In this very bulletin, IICRA has put in an endeavors to develop the bulletin to cover a wide variety of topics, focusing on the realities and developments of the Islamic economy, with a focus on Sharia, legal and technical aspects of the rapidly growing economy, which requires the development of the legislative and judicial environment.

The Bulletin contains Sharia, legal and technical articles regarding Islamic Sukuks that are currently attracting the attention and interest of the investors. As it also contains the characteristics and mechanisms of dispute resolution under IICRA rules and the latest developments in addition to its main activities and outputs that serve the Islamic financial industry.

IICRA wishes that its bulletin finds the readers' satisfaction and appreciation, thanking them in advance for their initiatives to comment or make observations that would improve the prospectus to keep pace with the desired aspirations.