Article (48)

Upon opening the file for a reconciliation attempt, the Secretary General, taking into account the nature of the conflict and its importance, shall specify the financial amount to be paid by the parties in equal shares in order to proceed with the reconciliation.

The financial amount to be paid shall cover:

  1. Estimated costs for Reconciliation and reconcilator’s honorarium.

  2. The administrative fees determined in accordance with the arbitration administrative fees’ schedule below and limited up to the third of the arbitration required fees as it is stated in the said schedule.

In the event that the Secretary General, during the reconciliation procedures, considers that the payments made originally in accordance to the paragraph (a) above are insufficient to cover all the possible costs for reconciliation, he shall then ask the parties for additional amounts to be paid in equal shares.

Upon completion of reconciliation, the Secretary-General shall determine the final costs and inform the parties in writing. The parties shall be equally liable for these costs, unless otherwise stipulated in the reconciliation agreement. All other expenditures by either party shall remain that party’s responsibility.