Advantages of Arbitrator/Expert:

1. Membership certification.

2. Free and discount services (conferences, training, workshops, seminars and consultation) subject to IICRA’s discretion.

3. Free Access to IICRA’s (library & arbitration room)

4. Be updated on IICRA’s annual forum and symposium.

5. The registered Arbitrator and Expert will have the privilege to be nominated as Arbitrator/Expert on every cases IICRA settles and conducts.

6. The registered Arbitrator / Expert will have the privilege to be nominated as honorary fellow or will be awarded as honorary fellowship of IICRA.

Conditions of Arbitrator/Expert

1. Under Chapter 1 Article 10 of IICRA Rules, the Arbitrator/Expert must be of jurist or someone with cast knowledge and experience in Trade, Industry, and Finance and Sharia principle.

2. The Arbitrator/ Expert must be with reputed morals and renowned for his independence.

3. The membership is conditioned by the approval of the Executive Committees.