In parallel with professionalism and efficiency, IICRA guarantees the parties to exercise the flexibility to choose number of arbitrators and nominate them, to select the language and the venue of proceedings, and adapt time limits agreed by the parties.


IICRA provides all disputes resolution services in one stop starting with conciliation, arbitration, training, appointment of experts and specialists, auditing of the decisions and draft awards from Sharia and Legal aspects.


The important advantage of arbitration in IICRA guarantees privacy and safeguard of case information disclosed only to those involved.


IICRA seeks to keep the non-profitability of its service fees which covered only the operational expenses. The total arbitration costs of any dispute, including the administration fees of IICRA and the arbitrator/s fees shall not exceed to 2% of the value of claim, with determination of fixed amount as ceiling of those costs in accordance with IICRA Rules.