Mission & Objectives

Everything we do at IICRA aims at helping the Islamic financial institutions in settling financial, commercial, banking, investment and real estate’s disputes through Reconciliation and Arbitration with compliance of Sharia Law.


IICRA aims at enabling all dealers in Islamic financial industry whether they are individual or corporate bodies to resolve their banking, financial and commercial disputes through Reconciliation and Arbitration in IICRA. Whereas, IICRA Arbitrators and Reconciliators are fully aware of the Sharia and Legal perspective of Islamic financial transactions. In addition, this will avoid the long period of proceedings and high cost of settling disputes.

  • IICRA considers the endeavors in settling the dispute through reconciliation and manage the case institutionally until signing the reconciliation agreement.
  • IICRA manages the arbitration cases in accordance with the international practices through IICRA Rules.
  • Adopting all necessary measures for settlement of disputes with compliance of Sharia Law.
  • Providing lists of specialized arbitrators and experts in all fields of Islamic financial industry in their respective languages.
  • Disseminating the culture of specialized arbitration in the Islamic financial transactions by organizing events, issuing the studies/ bulletins and providing the related legal consultations.